Where it all started....

Well, it started many years ago at a company called RPS. The company name changed and so did mine in 2001. From there, the road led us to the ATL and our own business. I left the road to have babies, but it sure is hard to take the trucker out of a Momma!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is Vacation Soon?

I need a vacation! The shores of Lake Champlain are calling my name! I am ready for the awesome Farmer's Market, sweet corn that is to die for, the calm life of South Hero, VT, Seb's Red Hots, after dinner walks on the lane, seeing family, and getting the heck out of GA!! I am not looking forward to the 20 hour drive, but to play, you have to pay! I am still trying to figure out what all I need to pull together and what we can live without for 3 weeks.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


How in the HELL does one driver manage to have 2 breakdowns in one day?!? Housing for the fuel filter for the fuel/water seperator somehow got a perfect hole in the side of it and was spitting fuel and lost pressure, so it wouldn't start. Trip with 2 kids to Ball Ground is not fun and ruined naptime. Spare truck taken to the driver and he was on his way. Then on his way back to the building, he f'ing downshifted into 1st gear at a light. Who does that? That is why a truck has BRAKES! He has driven a standard before and the spare was not that bad off. Now, it has a dropped tranny and 2 pissed of business owners! So, now tomorrow is ruined as well! Running around to get rentals and parts, plus at 10:30pm the husband is still with truck #2 hoping to have it fixed enough to limp it to the shop!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


So, the week in a nutshell: Chaotic

Yet again....Delivering 100+ stops at X-mas looks better than this mom gig thing sometimes!

*Return from my first week back at work and second week away since babies to go to a birthday party. Seemed like it should be fun! Fairy party with make-up and tutu's! What does my kid do? Scream and not leave my side. She finally starts to warm up and have a little fun. THEN she craps herself. Hasn't had an accident in 2 weeks.....so we leave!

*AC on its way out.....new one installed and bank account now dry. BUT, we are cool! New furnace for the winter to boot. Good times!

*Dog has had the runs for a couple days. Take him to the vets and $270 later....he has special food, antibiotic and HOOKWORMS! WTF?!? He only goes in our yard and maybe every once in a while out front with us. Where did he get that from? Damn neighbors that let their dog run loose probably! GRR!!!

*Signed the girl up for summer camp and booked my vacation for the last week of it. Never mind the week she missed while I drove the broke handed gimp around. Oh well....2 weeks of summer camp tuition wasted!