Where it all started....

Well, it started many years ago at a company called RPS. The company name changed and so did mine in 2001. From there, the road led us to the ATL and our own business. I left the road to have babies, but it sure is hard to take the trucker out of a Momma!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Gym

So, it took me far too long, but I finally joined a gym and have been watching the old diet. I have a long way to go, and this I realize. What amazes me is that some people do not realize that their fitness level and goals will take time and decide to show up at the gym dressed like they actually have something to show off. Trust me, no one wants to see your ass cheeks and butt dimples!! A compression fit workout top DOES NOT hide your 3 rolls. A workout bra goes UNDER a shirt, not alone. While I praise others for coming to the realization I did:

That my fat ass needs to get back in shape!

I want to tell them that showing off the lack of progress is a turn-off for other members trying to make strides. The gym sells shirts in all sizes: Buy one! Walmart sells workout shorts that cover not only ass cheeks, but also legs: Buy some! Then, when you get that body you are working towards, do as you please (within reason) and tell your success story to the media!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Birthday Issue AGAIN!!

So, I have decided to overcome my fear of a party and have one for the girl with just 4 friends (since she is turning 4). I am NOT about being able to do the whole theme and tying things together, so I am doing it at a pottery place. The kids will get to pick what to paint, get a smock I am going to put an applique initial on, do the painting, and have cake and snacks. Simple no frills.

Beyond that, just the kids and I will be in VT for her actual birthday. We will celebrate as a family before Dad has to leave a couple days before the actual day to cover a vacation. Gifts are a huge issue this year. She actually wants things this year, but none of them are things I think are appropriate or I am willing to buy for her (prior post about Disney will explain that). She wants Barbies. She is turning 4 and Barbies are not age appropriate. She wants Princess stuff. Again the f'er Walt Disney and his empire! I ordered her a Ballet 13" doll that I can make clothes for and is bigger so she can hopefully dress her. Plus, she has hair that can be fixed different ways. We also got her a book about ballet. We are also going to sign her up for ballet once it is offered at school. I hope she doesn't hate me when she is older, because I have no clue about this stuff!

Friday, August 19, 2011

How Facebook Really is Just Rolling with the Times

A friend on facebook had a status that I commented on. My own comment got me thinking, so I did a Google search of my Grandpa, Dr. Otto D. Sahler. I was surprised by some on the findings Google returned. The most surprising was a newspaper article from The Kingston Daily Freeman from Jan. 2, 1952. It was like an older version of facebook. Here is the reporting from the paper:

"The Rev. Wm. Sahler who has
resided for a number of years at
Penny Farms, Fla . which is the
residence of retired ministers, was
stricken a short time ago. Dr.
Otto Sahler, his son of Cooperstown,
accompanied by Karl Sahler
of Baskin Ridge, N J . and
William Sahler of Freehold. N J .
immediately motored to Florida
to be with their father. After due
consultation. Dr. Otto Sahler decided
to bring his father back by
t r a i n to Newark where he was
Miss Almsra Sahler. who is
spending some time with Mr and
Mrs. Ferris Turner at Accord, left
to spend a few days with Mr and
Mrs. William Sahler at Freehold.
N. J., and to be with the Rev
William Sahler who is ill in
Newark. "

My husband often makes fun of the time I spend on facebook. This little 3 minute research project proved one thing to me: It is human nature to be a nebshit and want to keep up with what everyone else is up to! My time on facebook is no different than reading the paper 59 years ago!