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Monday, August 12, 2013

Reality vs. Pinterest LaLa Land

I love Pinterest for creative ideas, but some of the things I see and the things that people find important mystify me!  I also enjoy the blogs that are so often linked to these wondrous ideas, but I am here to call bullshit and show the reality of every day life!

Here is a picture of a little girls room found on Pinterest:

Does a little girl even sleep here or is it just for show??

Here is the reality of it and I can personally attest to the the fact that I might have spent a total of $115 to create this look!!
My little girl sleeps in the same bed that my Grandfather made for me when I was a kid.  She has an old dresser from my Grandma.  Bought her a comforter set used, a new light from Ikea and pink Target curtains.
Her doll cradle was also made by my Grandfather and was also mine when I was a girl.  It is her room, so if she want it to look like a bomb went off....so be it.  She can't find something, she knows she gets ZERO sympathy!
The blanket chest is very old and was my grandparents.  For now, it is a collection spot for this and that.  The access door to the attic is on my list of things to complete with some chalk board paint, but there is always tomorrow.  The old school desk in the very corner used to have all her stuffed animals sitting on it, but now it is folded up and was a fort for a week or so.

Now, what about little boy rooms?  Here is Pinterest perfection:
photo from: http://retrointeriordesign.com/little-boys-bedroom-decorating-plan/
I don't know a little boy that would not have that room in a heap in under 10 minutes!!  

Here is why I call bullshit:

 No matter how many times I have dumped, sorted, and tossed, the toys will always end up in a heap.  If a kid wants a heap....he can have it, because I have plenty of other ways to spend my time!  His dressers were the first new adult pieces of furniture I purchased when I got my own place.  They are from Ikea and are great, but I only had a double bed and it was cool for the first 6 mo. after I got married, but then I wanted to sleep on a little bit of bed instead of clinging for life.  The table was an old end table that I spray painted.  2 of the chairs were mine as a kid.  The white one came from a furniture store on clearance.

We did buy his bunk bed new from Ikea, because it
allows his sister to sleep in his room when we have company.  Yes, he needs new blinds, but he will just destroy them trying to look at the neighbors dog!
I had to sand the top of the dresser to get it to fit in the dormer, but what else would go there.  His room might not be pin worthy, but he sure likes it and has no trouble sleeping here!

Am I done.....NO!  One last one.  Kids bathrooms.....

While I love this look, is it really achievable?  

Here is my kids bathroom.  Yep....still picture worthy, TP on the toilet and all!!  The waves?  I painted them myself!  The fish?  $7 Target clearance decals.  Light from Ikea.  It is all fine and functional!!

So, am I right in calling bullshit?   

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